Designers of Learning (Principals) / Deans of Culture (Associate Principals)

Elementary School EC-6th
  Principal/ Designer of Learning Grades TK-6  
Hodge, Rocio Associate Principal/ Dean of Culture [email protected]
Barajas, Ena Elem. School Assistant [email protected]
Secondary: Middle & High School (7-10)
Wright, Dr. Kimberly Principal kimberlywright
Charles, Yolande Associate Principal,
Middle School
[email protected]
Mabanta, RJ Associate Principal,
High School
[email protected]
 Rowland, Melissa  Associate Principal,
High School
[email protected]
Gonzalez, Connie Admin Assistant I [email protected]


Instructional Coordinators

Name Title Email
Guerrero, Dr. Angela Instructional Coordinator: Language Acquisition [email protected]
Leon, Armando

Instructional Coordinator: College Readiness
& Student Services

[email protected]
Gillingham, Bethany Instructional Coordinator: Inclusion [email protected]
Gil, Elizabeth Instructional Coordinator: Family and Community Engagement [email protected]


School Counselors

Name Title Email
Flores, Juan Head Counselor [email protected]
Harwood, Danielle School Counselor [email protected]
Medina, Diana School Counselor [email protected]
Sosa, Gaby School Counselor [email protected]
Vazquez, Rosa Family & Community Advocate [email protected]

Inclusion Department (Special Education)

Name Title Email
  Education Specialist  
Espinoza, Tamara Education Specialist [email protected]
Hitchcock, Lynda Education Specialist- Secondary (M/S) [email protected]
Leonard, Zachariah Education Specialist [email protected]
  Education Specialist  
Antaki, Dana Education Specialist [email protected]
Duenas, Marisol Education Specialist [email protected]
Palmer, Cathryn Education Specialist - Secondary (M/S) [email protected]
Rivers, Jaqueline Education Specialist [email protected]
Rodarte, Elizabeth Education Specialist [email protected]
Taylor, Betsy Education Specialist [email protected]
Aguilar, Cynthia Special Education Assistant [email protected]
Gonzalez, Felicia Special Education Assistant [email protected]
Lowery, Davita Special Education Technician [email protected]
Maldonado, Carla Special Education Technician [email protected]
Melero, Fabian Special Education Behavior Technician [email protected]
Murguia, Leticia Special Education Assistant [email protected]
Rodriguez, Esther Special Education Assistant [email protected]


Casa/Elementary Guides (Teachers)

Name Tile Email
Abel, Yolanda 6th Grade Math and Science [email protected]
Arroyo, Ana Spanish [email protected]
Ayala, Laura 6th Grade English and Social Studies [email protected]
Cardenas, Francisca Lower Elementary (Grade 1) [email protected]
Cassell, Jennifer Grade 2 [email protected]
Cohen, Alexis Grade 2 [email protected]
Cullen, Elizabeth Grade 3 [email protected]
Davies, South Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Demara, Liliana Lower Elementary (Grade 1) [email protected]
Demko, Susan 6th Grade Physical Education [email protected]
Diaz, Veronica Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Foncerrada-Fowler, Leslie Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Garcia, Norma Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Gonzales, Connie Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Hawke, Diane Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Herron, Nate Grade 4 [email protected]
Holmes, Jennifer Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Maldonado, Norma Lower Elementary (Grade 1) [email protected]
Martines, Olivia 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Moreno, Richard 6th Grade Math [email protected]
Nikos, Sandra 6th Grade English and Social Studies [email protected]
Ramirez, Roxana Lower Elementary (Grade 1) [email protected]
Rios, Aracelys 6th Grade Science [email protected]
Rossi, Melanie Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Rotkosky, Nicole 6th Grade English and Social Studies [email protected]
Salamanca, Linda Casa de los Niños [email protected]
Sapienza, Jennifer Lower Elementary (Grade 1) [email protected]
Theel, Lindsay Grade 3 [email protected]
Tucker, Vernon Elementary Music [email protected]
Woodruff, Daniel Elementary Physical Education [email protected]


Related Service Providers

Name Title Email
Osorio, Tatiana Operations & Design Specialist [email protected]
Akers, Alixandra Speech and Language Pathologist [email protected]
Barry, Lynette Physical Therapist [email protected]
Boothe, Lyric Music Therapist [email protected]
Downing, Tiffany Adaptive Physical Education [email protected]
Frost, Rebecca Project Resource Teacher [email protected]
Grant, Hannah Speech and Language Pathologist [email protected]
Meitz, Curtis Adapted Physical Education [email protected]
Mora-Sanchez, Angelica School Psychologist [email protected]
Yandall, Kaliko Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Basques, Dawn Mental Health Clinician [email protected]
Langarika, Kimberly Secondary Resident Visiting Teacher [email protected]


Classified Staff

Name Title Email
Avila, Angelica Para-Professional [email protected]
Barajas, Ena Elementary Office Manage/Gen. Secretary II [email protected]
Barragan, Rosalba Student Information System Site Technician II [email protected]
Borja, Jean Noon Duty Assistant [email protected]
Castaneda, Maribel Para-Professional [email protected]
Cornejo, M. Child Development Center Assistant [email protected]
Duque, Adriana Para-Professional [email protected]
Gonzalez, Martha Noon Duty Assistant [email protected]
Guzman, Monica Para-Professional [email protected]
Hermosillo, Elvira Noon Duty Assistant [email protected]
Galaz, Christian Network Tech Support [email protected]t
Jimenez, Aldo Custodian [email protected]
Lopez, Margarita Attendance Clerk [email protected]
 Ramos, Aileen Attendance Clerk [email protected]
Porras, Sergio Building Services Supervisor III [email protected]
Krawec, Erin Nurse e[email protected]
Oyama, Alexis  Health Tech [email protected]
Diaz, Nina Health Tech,
Wellness Coordinator
[email protected]
Ruiz, Arturo Custodian [email protected]
Ruiz, Elsa Para-Professional [email protected]
Villegas, Maggie Registrar [email protected]
Wedermeyer, Wanda Library Technician [email protected]
Jimenez, Nancy Custodian [email protected]
Grant, Jr., Demetrius Campus Security Assistant [email protected]
White, Daniel Campus Security Assistant  [email protected]


Independence Facilitator

Name Title Email
Carneiro Ferreira Petersen, Izabela Independent Facilitator [email protected]
Fairchild, Douglas Independent Facilitator [email protected]
Jimenez Estrada, Clarissa Independent Facilitator [email protected]
Stamper, Tyrone Independent Facilitator [email protected]


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